Friday, April 20, 2012

Kelly is taking you to Wonderland....

If you've ever read the story of Alice in Wonderland, you know that Alice has a very topsy turvy adventure throughout Wonderland. Tumbling down a rabbit's hole, shrinking down and then growing larger in size, having a mad tea party, playing croquet, being accused of stealing the Queen's tarts -- wow, what an adventure! There are lots of colorful characters in that story.... Alice, The Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, Playing Cards, and Cheshire Cat. And all the colors are bold and zany. Today, Kelly is announcing a new collection inspired by all those wonderful colors and characters called...

'Wonderland' is filled with a beautiful palette of blue, green, yellow and pink. You'll find a teapot, teacups, door mouse, white rabbit, mad hatter hat, swirls, arrows, hearts, lanterns and the most adorable Alice doll. The checked alpha is outlined in pink lines and so fun to create titles with. Here are 6 premade titles that Kelly has created for you.

And Kelly's fabulous set of page starters are always filled with lots of flowers, frames and clusters.

Need a premade background to start your layout? Kelly has 4 gorgeous paper stacks that are perfect for your Alice or teacups layout.

All of these kits are on sale this weekend only for 25% off at Make sure you grab this awesome collection while it's on sale.

'Wonderland' is so versatile and the colors are fun to play with. Here's a layout that I made.

Now it's time for your adventure down the rabbit hole. You won't find any strange creatures chasing you, but you will find 3 amazing freebies to grab. Just follow Abby's Blog, Julie's Blog and Linda's Blog to get your treasures. Hope you have some amazing adventures of your own this weekend!

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