Friday, November 11, 2016

Natalie has a cool release for you today...
Grab a drink and let's cool off with Natalie's latest collection.

This kit includes...15 papers, 7 ribbons, 4 ricracs, 8 flowers, 5 frames, 5 leaves, 4 snowflakes, 6 cups, a stack of cups, a can tab, 2 bottles, 4 arrows, 12 bottlecaps, 1 ring element, a frost element,  a bow, crushed ice with puddle, 2 crushed ice borders, 3 overlays, a globe graphic, an ice cube, and ice cube border, an igloo, a berry pick, 17 word tags and three alphas.
Caleb did NOT LIKE the Beverly!!!

Caleb gave the Fanta Pineapple flavor a thumbs up!
My freebie for you...
You can grab it here 
Have a great weekend♥


  1. So excited to see Natalie has something new! Thank you for the the cute word art Lisa!

  2. Thank you for the beautiful word art!